See you again! Aaron San

This is Kimy from J-Stay.

According to Japanese traditional calendar Today is "YUSUI"(YU means Rain SUI means Water . From today Snow will be changing Rain because that it is getting warm.
Spring is coming.

The highest season of J-Stay will arrive soon from April. So we will receive request from all over the world.

But before new meeting always we need to say good bye. I had to do that ;(

Kagura Oka House opened last October.  From Last autumn new renovated house has good atmospher

One guy from Taiwan whose name is Aaron San arrived last November there. He is freelance interior designer in Shanghai. After high season of his work he arrived Kyoto to develop his professional skill and have a rest in Kyoto. He has stayed 3 months here.

Whenever I visited this house we served sweets, tea and invited dinner, he was  the life and soul of Kagura Oka House.
He tried to make good house always. Actually I have joined two home party.
Last Saturday we organized farewell party for him. WE did Potluck party. I prepared Thailand style fried noodle Pattai. One flatmate cooked egg plants, Enoki mashuroom, Japanese home made curry and Japanese Chinese spicy tofu and so on.

We ware more than 10 people. With  nice music equipped high technology new tenants joined this party. His friend joined as well.  I'm sure that This house will have good and nice living climate.

He was very satisfied with flat cap given by his flatmates as a present. 

Thank you very much for your Stay, Aaron San. Hope see you next time!


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