Snow shoeing

I went to snow shoeing with my friend.

Though I've been living in Takayama over 20years, it was my first time experience.

As you know this year is quit warmer than usual, there is not much snow even it's mountain area.

We expected to see the Hyobaku(Frozen waterfall) but unfortunately we couldn't.

Whether focus says it's going to be warm and spring will be coming soon!

Oh wait wait wait,  It's a good news but  I haven't  gone snowboard yet!

I have to go ASAP otherwise snow will melt!

Less snow is very good news for local people but for tourist, it's very disappointing news.

Our guest who from south east Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, everyday say "where is snow!? We came here to see snow,,,,,I ant to see falling snow,,,,,

We hope to see heavy snow again this year again.


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