We are the J-hoppers!!!

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, It's Kana here.
Time flies....January is already over and already in February without noticing....Oh no....
How was your first month of year 2016?I hope everybody had good start.

I had such a great lunch with former J-hoppers staff in January. We were used to work together in different time, but we have been in touch since some people quit here.
Some of them got married and have kids, some of them moved to oversea, some of them still working at J-hoppers.

 How we are now is different from how we used to be but, I do still like all of them and respect what they are doing.
We were invited one of staff "Yuko and Tom" place and we made our own hamburger which was great fun.
They prepared all the ingredient and even handmade patty!!!!! Was SOOO delicious...

 We had good talk, awesome hamburger and drink. Time gone really fast and I was really happy to see them but on the other hand got little upset by remembering our memories which we used to work together and share a lot of staff. I was hoping that we can have that time again.

I really appreciate that I got opportunity to know them and still being good friends.

Thanks everyone and J-hoppers!


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