Japan’s Machu Picchu -- Takeda Castle Ruins

When I was about 6 years olds, I watched a Japanese animation called Laputa, which is one of my favorite animation from Japan.  I wondered if there is any castle on the cloud exists in the real world.  If it exists, I would love to visit it one day in my life.  My colleague  recommended me Takada Castle which also has a name called Japan’s Machu Picchu.  I searched it on the web and it looks stunning like Laputa.  Luckily, chance came with a tour job last week!

Takeda castle was built over 500 years old and constructed on the mountain at 353 meters of altitude, is one of the one hundred famous castles in Japan.  The stones that you can see from the photos are in the original shape and from.  We need to move by a big step every time but the rocks are very sturdy.  The experience is interesting and reminds me the experience of climbing up the great wall in Beijing, China.

If you are interested in the history of the Takeda Castle ruins, please refer to the page here: https://www.city.asago.hyogo.jp/kankou/eng/TakedaCastlehistory.html

To access to the castle, please take the JR train and get off at JR Takeda Station and take the mountain road by the south.  It takes about 1 hour to reach the top of the castle.  The castle is in Hyoga prefecture and close to a famous onsen called Kinosaki onsen as well.  Wanna enjoy the country side of Japan and visit Japan’ Machu Picchu?  I highly recommend Takeda Castle ruins!!

P.S.  For visitors who are interested to see the ukai (the seat of clouds), please visit it in autumn.  Please refer to the information here:


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