New spot in Kyoto Shogunzuka " Kou An Light tea house"

Time flies as arrow. Spring is coming.
Day by day Kyoto will be full tourist for Sakura. Day by day Kyoto will be full of tourist for Sakura.
According to the weather report Sakura is blooming from the 28th March.

Access is from Keage station it takes half hour on foot or taxi. 
Before tea lesson we went to Shogunzuka to have a look glass tea house which designed Tokujin Yoshioka.
Here is the link.
Because the view point has beautiful observatory.
This house made of glass.

His explanation
Japanese conception of nature is often characterized by its distinctive spacial perception involves the sensory realization of the surrounding atmosphere through what may be described as signs of energies or aura. 

In A.D.794, A Japanese emperor at the time visited Shogunzuka and he was convinced that  Kyoto would be a right place to be a capital of Japan and started constructing the capital. 
Nice view from the top 

My friend of tea lessosn 

Let's enjyou our spring!


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