500YEN Highway BUS Hiroshima - Matsue

Hi. This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
Where have you been in Japan?
Many foreign people visit those cities since you can go there by Shinkansen easily with the Japan Rail Pass.
However,some guests ask me this question.(Especially people visit Japan as their second visit.) " Where is the place not well-known to people?"
If you have never been to Matsue in Shimane prefecture yet, I recommend to  go there after Hiroshima.(or Before Hiroshima)
Now the Highway Bus from Hiroshima to Matsue is ONLY 500YEN for foreign travelers!
(Also from Matsue to Hiroshima) Usually it costs 3900yen but you can take it with 500yen if you show your passport when you buy a ticket.
What is Matsue famous for? There are lots of interesting spots.The Matsue castle is one of them.It was designated as National Treasure in July,2015.You can also get a traditional boat which goes along the castle moat and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
 Also,they have amazing Onsens ,Tamatukuri Onsen and Matsue Shinjiko Onsen.
 If you take JR Sanin line to Yasugi station about 30min from Matsue, they have a FREE suttle bus to Adachi Museum of Art . The museum was chosen as on of the Japan's 31 most beautiful place by CNN America. If you are interested in Japanese gardens,you will like it.

In Izumo city, there is one of the famous shrine,Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine.
It takes 1hour by bus from Matsue station.If you are planning to visit Shimane prefecture, I highly recommend that you visit here. 

If you show your Passport, 
you can get up to 50% off Discount at many tourism facilities! 

 Why don't you go to Shimane to make your trip unique?
< 500yen Highway Bus Ticket  >

・Applicable for short-term foreign tourists ONLY.
・No reservation by phone.
・Purchases must be at the ticket window 
(Hiroshima station North building 2F or Hiroshima Bus center)
・Show your passport (NO Residence card)
・You can NOT get the discount if you buy a ticket inside of the bus.
・You can NOT book in advance. You can but it only on the day and the day before.
・All highway bus(3900yen) seats are reserved in advance.
 During busy periods,please note that seats may be fully booked.
・The ticket is available ONLY from Apr 1st,2016 to Mar 31st,2017. 



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