Germany in spring

This is Tomomi from Hanahostel in Hiroshima.

From April 1st to 8th, I've visited Germany. It was my second time there. This time I've stayed in Munich for two nights. 

In Munich, I went to the English Garden, the Residenz and a church, looked around Marienplatz & Neues Rathaus and visited Viktualienmarkt. It was really, really nice weather and warm, which I hadn't expected, so I especially liked to walk around in the English Garden. The English Garden is the BIG park in Munich. In the park, everyone was enjoying the sunny weather and lying on the grass and a lot of dogs were running around and playing. Some people were even surfing in the river!  

The Residenz was really beautiful. We could see so MANY rooms and it was like a maze...and since nobody was in the big hall (Antiquarium) when we were there, I could take beautiful pictures! Lucky me :D 
Actually, I do not like beer and don't drink it in Japan. But since I was in Munich which is famous for beer, I ordered a glass of beer and tried it with the hope that I would like beer in Germany… but nothing changed :D. I even couldn't finish it. I wonder if I ever will enjoy the taste of beer.

I really had a good time and I appreciate all the people I've met in Germany! And to the staff at Hana I am thankful for giving me the time to visit Germany.


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