Island time


I was born in the mountains, and always the ocean gets me really excited no matter how far/cold/dirty it is. After spending busy spring season, I decided to have a small trip to somewhere away from tourists, concrete, and busy urban life. there any place that makes it possible? Then I just remembered my friend who lives on a tiny island that even local Okinawan don't know. Tonaki, it is. 

I thought it would be easier to show you some photos than to tell you how amazing it is with million words. Here are some of the beautiful things that took my breathe away!

ZERO TOURIST. The island is located two hours away from Naha by ferry, the closest big town is Kume-jima which is still one hour away, and they 390 inhabitants with one big school, one clinic, probably 2 major restaurants/guesthouses, 2 small shops for grocery and, that's about it. 
It takes only 9 mins to walk through whole island from north to south. I walked around, literally whole island, except some mountain areas because I was scared of poisonous snakes. And after 2 hours of crazy stormy weather after I arrived, finally sun came out and I just ran to the beach.

MY PRIVATE BEACH. I thought I was in heaven. 
The water was just warm enough to let me try b'day suit swimming as no one was there. Doing nothing on the beach, well not nothing - having some beer, sunbathing, writing my diary, postcards to my family/friends, finding cool looking seashells - that's what I needed. Just chill out and release myself in to this beautiful blue!  
(Of course my mood on the beach:

And I met up with my friend after he got off work, that was the perfect timing for sunset dinner at a park. We talked a lot, about our life in two different extremely unique places, about traveling, about everything and nothing! That's another thing I kinda needed to let me be myself, and am so glad he gave me a chance to visit this beautiful place.

So romantic. Here and there.

I had been worried about what they don't have on the island before I got there, but I was very impressed by what they have - great nature, slow life, warmhearted people and their smile!

I should definitely visit there again to spend some more time with locals, to see/try more beautiful things that the island would offer me. Highly recommended!


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