Many Thanks to my dearest friend CHIKA

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, it's Kana here.
It has been weird weather in Hiroshima so we had such a short period to enjoy SAKURA this year again like last year.
Before full bloom we had staff HANAMI near here. Even though it was not in full bloom, SAKURA was really beautiful. Always enjoy delicious BENTO (Lunch box) under cherry blossom.

 One of our best receptionist from J-hoppers Hiroshima quit last week. To be accurate, her last day was end of January but she helped us until renovation for J-hoppers finished which was last week.

 I got on-the-job training from her. I always wanted to be like her, I always admire her a lot.
We have shared many things together through last 5years.
Since I spent my teenager in NZ, I didn't have much friend in my hometown. I would say she is my first best friend since I came back to Hiroshima after graduated school in NZ.
No matter what  I did wrong (most likely stupid stuff ), she always understood me a lot and still hang around together. I really appreciated that I am her friend. And even after she left J-hoppers, I strongly believe that we will be still good friend in the future.
It is NOT joking but people who works or worked before, have strong trust and relation ship. 
We still all hang around regularly and share many things. Even old staff who lives in overseas, we still keep in touch and we always catch up when they come back to Japan.

I don't know  how to explain how much i appreciate to J-hoppers to gave me such a awesome opportunity to know these beautiful people.

Me and Chika will go to Taiwan trip this month!! YEAH!!
Give us some tips that where to go and what to do!!


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