Moving houses

I am moving to a new apartment today (Hurray!), and to tell you the truth, the house I am moving out of is still a mess. The messiness of my own room far exceeds my expectation, and I am resolved to tidy my new apartment more often to avoid repeating the same mistake.

The main reason I decided to move to a new place is that my room was far too cold in winter, with the temperature dropping to sub-zero on the worst days, and even my heater failed to warm up the room sufficiently. Hopefully the new apartment will be totally different.

Even though winter is over, I am still very excited about moving to my new place as it is going to be the first time I am living all on my own. Which means I can decorate the space however I want. And I definitely plan to do a lot of cooking as well. There will be a lot of expenses, but I am sure it will be money well spent. Luckily, I have got some second-handed goods from my colleagues, such as washing machine, fridge and microwave, so the list of what I still need to buy is not (too) long:

(1) Dining table
- probably the most expensive item I need to get. Thinking of getting those extendable tables to save space when it is only me around. I plan to invite friends over for parties or card tables from time to time, so it will be nice to have a larger table ready on those occasions.

(2) cooking utensils
- This is huge. I need pots, pans, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, an oven, and I even want a bread machine! So greedy I am.

(3) seasonings
- this can be huge too...

(4) shoe box
- I have six to seven pairs of shoes, I guess, so I do need it...

Happy shopping!



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