Top 3 Japanese Snacks

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Kotaro here 

If you have been to japan, you might have eaten japanese snacks once or twice or more.

However, in these days, there are too many variations of japanese snacks out there and it is almost impossible to eat everything during your trip!

So I will pick top 3 Japanese snacks that you should have during your trip in japan.

No.3   Kyabetsu-Taro

Kyabetsu-Taro (cabbage taro) is puff snacks seasoned by japanese Worcester sauce.
This is known as one of the oldest and most famous snacks in japan.
It tastes like Okonomiyaki (Japanese pan cake ).
There is no cabbage in its ingredients by the way so if you are allergic to cabbages, don't worry, you can eat.

No.2  Brakku-Sandaa

This is a crunchy chocolate snack called brakku-sandaa (Black Thunder)
There are some puffs covered by chocolate.
30yen each so it is good to grab 3~4 and eat them while walking.

I always eat them during work when I need to be sugarlicious.

No.1  Yukimi Daifuku

Yukimi Daifuku consists of an ice cream ball covered up by thin layer of starch based rice cake.
There are several flavours are sold recently (Chocolate, Strawberry, Green tea ...etc)

Do not eat straight away after picking it up from the fridge, wait about 5 mins because it taste's better when it starts melting a bit.

These are my personal top 3 japanese snacks.
Thank you for reading, enjoy your junkie life in japan.


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