Hi, there:) This is Shiori from J-Hoppers hiroshima guest house.

I recently went to izakaya which is called Hakuri Tabai Hanbey.

Enjoyed the atmosphere which is a retro themed.

I felt like I had stepped back in time to the 30’s in japan.

And food is good and cheap. Specially I like "kinako agepan". a deep fried bun sprinkled with roasted soybean flour. 
It reminds me of school lunch as a first grader. 

If you have any chance to go there,  please try it:)
Hanbey has branches all over Japan.


Hakuri Tabai Hanbey  薄利多売半兵ヱ.
Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku,Fukuromachi,1-33

Sun-Thu 17:00~0:00
Fri.Sat.Day before Holiday 17:00~1:00



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