Scorn Scorn Scorn!!!!

This is Kimy from J-Stay.

After crazy month, April for J-Stay because new school season begin from this month
I have appreciation for normal daily life.

To keep my motivation in my ordinary day I used to make small goals to reach easily
This time was the following things.

ONE: Go hiking.

TWO Learn Baking scorn from my friend.

During GW we went to hiking to my favorite place with greenery season with my friend.
Next was baking scorn. .

I booked her lesson an half of month ago .Yesterday I had it finally. 

Easy scorn recipe
150g Flour (mix a half of strong flour and plain flour)
Baking power 3g
150ml of Milk 
40g Butter 

1) Measure Flour  and put into in bowl with Baking power.

2) Measure sugar, milk and Butter (cut as small cube)

3) Bowl with flour and baking powder put Butter and cut small as much as possible and mix with flour like 

(Tip mix quickly because butter is melting easily. )

4) Put sugar and milk and mix quickly. At the same time Heat oven around 220degree

5) Put dusting flour on board Extend base of scorn on it with rolling pin and fold base three times for having two layers.

6) Make circle with cup up side down instead cake type

7) Put them oven bake 220gree for 15 minutes


Next goal will be make crispy and soft inside scorn by myself!

Enjoy your early summer! 



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