This is Tomomi from Hiroshima Hana.

A few days ago, I planed to go hiking with my friends but unfortunately it was raining a LOT. So we needed to change our plan and find something interesting which we could do indoors.

So, we went bouldering!

Do you know bouldering? It was the first time for us to try it.
As you can see on the pictures, bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. Of course we did not climb real rocks in nature, but colorful rocks on the wall indoors. They looked hard to climb, but also really fun and a bit like going to the gym, so we were excited. However, after the payment, a young employee explained for all the beginners for about 30 minutes how dangerous it could be, the rules and what we should NOT do, especially when someone is climbing.
So we realized that we should really be focused on climbing and be aware of a lot of things.
It scared us a bit, but once we started to climb, it was really fun!
And it was really really more difficult than I thought!!
Before you start, you need to choose one color among the rocks and you are allowed to grab only THE rocks with the specific color. If you touch or grab a different colored rock, you failed. So when you finished a section, it felt really you achieved a lot.

However, after about two hours, the muscles in our arms were already sore and we couldn't hold onto the rocks anymore...So we decided to leave it and try it again next time.

It was really fun to try out a new thing and I want to keep up doing sports more often :)


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