Cafes in Kyoto

Hello there! Today is the last day of June but we still need to wait 
for about 2 weeks until the end of rainy season...

Today I would like to recommend cafes in Kyoto where you can be relaxed 
or feel happy in a rainy day.

- Cafe marble -

This is a machiya (traditional wooden house in Kyoto) style cafe in downtown, 
cute and cozy.

They always have 3 or 4 lunch menus and delicious looking cakes.

They also have this cute stamp card and you will get their original goods 
or a cake for free when you collect 10 stamps :)

- mement mori -

A small stylish cafe close to Heian-jingu Shrine.
I had lunch and that was so nice! You can try several dishes of food on one plate.

You had better be there before opening or make a reservation, 
otherwise you will need to wait for a long time since the cafe is managed by one lady 
and it gets full quickly.


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