Eat Eat Eat.....

   Hi ! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
WET,WET,WET.... This week we have had so much rain in Hiroshima.
I can not wait for a sunny day.

At the end of last month,I went to Kanazawa 金沢
(which is one of the most highest rainfall cities in Japan....)for the first time.
When I got there,I realized I did not know very much about Kanazawa 
before this trip. I knew about Kenrokuen Japanese garden , seafood... but did not know about 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,Oumicho Market,
 Higashi chaya District...

However, everything was amazing and elaborated!
Art (I am not more of an artist person but enjoyed the
21st Century Museum!),Food, Garden, Onsen .....
For these tourist spots in Kanazawa,the excursion bus is convenient for tourists. Each bus runs on a single route, and each bus stop displays the bus number with an English notation. One day pass is 500yen.Once you get it,you can also get discounts at some facilities.

* Why don't you visit Kanazawa once ? *

Tourist spots in Kanazawa :
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art:


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