Fun out !

Hi there ! Are you a fun of rides ? I love amusement parts and I had really a good time at Universal Studios Japan the other day !

It had been 6 years since last time I was there so I was a little bit nervous at first as I might lost some immunity for scary rides.
However, I did not even worry about it when  I entered the park as I was completely drawn into the world ! The vibe was there and people were so cheerful and happy !
I got so excited that I forgot about nervousness.

It was changeable weather , one moment it was drizzling and the next moment, was pouring down, and then, cleared ! It was less people because of the weather so we could ride about 10 rides ! 

My favorite ride is BACKDROP. It moves backward so we can not see the front but it is much fun than normal roller coaster :-)

My friends and I had a same coordination so that we could get into the world more !
It was really fun out !


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