Tonami Yotaka Festival

In June, I visited the Yotaka Festival that has been running over 300 years in Tonami, Toyama prefecture.  It is held on Friday and Saturday of the second week in June every year.  This year, the festival was held on 10 and 11 June, 2016.  We find this festival extremely impressive with the dazzling lanterns floats and the collision of the floats.  

There are 15 big floats and 5 small floats representing the different parts of Tonami in the festival.  All floats are decorated with colourful lanterns marked with their names.  However, the main attraction is not the beauty of the lanterns but the collision of two lanterns to express members’ courage and bravery towards the opposing floats.  The collision started from 8:30 p.m. as the streets were packed with people standing to wait to the see the main theme’ of the night. Every time, we heard each team shouting loudily ‘Iyaiyasha’ several times before collision.  This brought them energy and team spirits and we could feel the same as audience.

It is the first time for us to experience the passion of the locals presenting their own culture via the festivals.  It is definitely an exiting and interesting festival that you cannot miss if you visit Toyama prefecture in June!!

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