Fancy retro night in Osaka


Me and my friends from uni met up for dinner in Osaka last week.
What are we going to have? That's the question that always annoys/excites us, and after long discussion, we decided to try French bistro in Kitahama this time.

On my way there, I stopped by Nakanoshima area which has a lot of historical buildings from Meiji period.

City library is my favorite spot to spend some time, reminds me a lot of Melbourne.

And walking through this beautiful riverside street

Got to the restaurant called "Kofuji shokudo" that my friend had made a reservation - so popular that usually fully booked up even on weekdays!

We first met in university back in 2006 and have shared great/crazy/fun time since then, it's always great to hang out with them even for just a coffee...just a coffee means hours of non-stop conversation about our lives, work or family, and kinda weird that we've known each other more than 10 years now and still feel like we're talking at the cafeteria in uni.

Their food is superb - course meal with a lot of seasonal best ingredients and creative dishes in cozy atmosphere.

Nothing can be better than quality time with beautiful girls and meal which amazed us a lot!

Highly recommended ;)


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