go camping solo!!

Hello. This is Mayu from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
Have you went camping by your self?
For me, not yet...


But I bought a motor bike last year. It's a Off-road bike.I can go for a ride
on any way!!! In the mountain, Forest road, on the river, and so on:)

So my plan is going my first camping alone with my motor bike!!
It must be amazing......

I started to get some tools for camping little by little.
Table ware, a cup,chopsticks, small pan.


I cigjijgu

I can't wait!!
In Hiroshima,There are some good camping sites.
I prefer a site by river side than in the mountain.

I can hear Babbling of the river and  song of  a bird...
How wonderful it is!!!

Are you enjoying the Summer??
There are so many way to enjoy it!
Japanese Summer is too hot and too wet now a days...

But you should enjoy it as much as possible:)
Let's enjoy a nature!!!!



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