Hi, there.

Nowadays, I am into reading books either in English or Japanese:)

So this time please  let me introduce my recommendation! 

The title is 'BUSHIDO'

「英語と日本語で読む「武士道」 (知的生きかた文庫)」の画像検索結果

This book is written about Japanese Bushido( the way to live of Samurai) easy to understand.

I like this part as follows.

'The spiritual aspect of valour is evidenced by composure calm presence of mind.

Tranquility is courage in repose.

It is a statical manifestation of valour as daring deeds are a dynamical.

A truly brave man is ever serene he is never taken by surprise nothing ruffles the equanimity of his spirit.

In the heat of battle he remains cool in the midst of catastrophes he keeps level his mind.'

This is just only small part.

So please read all:)

Thank you.


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