Little Treat for Yourself

What time is it?
Summer time!
It's our vacation!!

The rainy season (Tsuyu) is officially over in Japan, and the hottest season has come!
Now that we hear all the cicadas chirping, we cannot stop feeling the smell of SUMMER!

When the summer comes, there is one place I never miss to go every year.

An ice cream shop, "POLAR BEAR"!!

If you are a big ice cream lover like me, you gotta try this place!

It locates in the central part of the city of Hiroshima; one minute by foot from the Tram station "Tatemachi".
The big Teddy bear (or a polar bear?) sitting in front is the landmark of the store.

The building looks a bit old from its appearance. Yes it is. I'm not sure when they first started, but I've been their customer since junior high, which means over 10 years! (Now I'm surprised at my age... lol)

What makes them so special?
One thing is the SIZE of the ice cream!

 Can you believe you can taste the double cone only for 380yen?!

Another outstanding feature is.. its unique FLAVORS!


They have usual tastes such as Lemon, Strawberries, Macha..
but my favorite is Bamboo Coal & Soybean Flour!

I know it doesn't look so tasty, as I, myself never seen GRAY ice cream besides this.
I've tried many flavors, and they all taste super good!

They're sometimes sold out before noon even on weekdays!

When you come to Hiroshima, try some ice creams at Polar Bear!

For more information, go to their Facebook page.


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