Local summer festival at Shinsaibashi

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This is Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel.

Have you ever seen or Joined the Japanese local festival ??
The festival is called ''Matsuri'' in Japanese,
there are up to 300,000 festivals throughout Japan.    

My co-workers joined the local summer festival at Shinsaibashi :)

In the festival, Japanese people get around the Mikoshi and carry it on their shoulders in order to worship Gods.

Mikoshi or portable shrine is a carriage for Gods.
While carrying the Mikoshi, the carriers yell ''Wasshoi, Wasshoi !!''.

Japanese people who carry a portable shrine wear ''Happi'' , and a headband with decorated patterns.

Happi is a traditional Japanese outfit with the Chinese character for the word ''祭(Festival)'' written at the back.

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