Pokemon go finally has been available in Japan 4days ago.

I have downloaded it on the day it's released.

It's been for ages since I played Pokemon (Red, Green , Blue Game-boy ver.)
Pokemon used to be black and white back then but now every pokemon is so colouful.

I sometimes go out in the morning catching new pokemons or hitting a gym.
Then I see a lot of people are now playing pokemon go, too.

It looks a little crazy and surreal for me, although I am a part of them...

------------Got Snorlax on my pasta,, Gotya!

It's fun but it could become dangerous.

I saw two middle-aged bussiness men bumped into each other at Kyoto Station yesterday.
One said "Oh! sorryyyy" then another said "It's Ok...... Are you..... playing Pokemon Go?"
Then "Yeah.. hahah" ...

They greeted each other and walked away but still kept looking at their phone's screen....

I watched them and heard all of the conversation they had while playing Pokemon Go...

"Stay aware of your surroundings" that's what Niantic said.
"Don't play it too hard, sort your life out first" that's what I said.


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