Summer festival at Fushimi Inari shrine

Hi there !

This is Madi from Q-beh.

Last weekend, I went to Fushimi Inari shrine for the summer festival.
Every 3rd weekend of July, this festival is held and it is my favourite day of Kyoto through the year :)

This festival is not so busy as much as Gion festival.
And it is the traditional festival like what we used to have.
You can see some Japanese drums performance.
You can join "Bon Odori" which is traditional summer dance.


Also the shrine is decorated by many red colour paper lanterns that makes shrine nostalgic.


This is the best part of this festival :)
This nostalgic atmosphere is just beautiful !
I can't describe well but it's definitely worth to see it !!!

If you are here in one summer season, I absolutely recommend to join this festival :)



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