Universal Studios Japan 2016

Me and my friends went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ).
First of all, we took a train from Kyoto station to Osaka, then changed to another train on the Osaka loop line that went direct to USJ (800JPY).

When we got off the train, we saw tons of people there although it was Wednesday.

First, we rode the Hollywood Dream (roller coaster), followed by the Flying Dinosaur.
We waited for 120mins to ride the Flying Dinosaur.

Actually, I have a fear of heights.
So basically,  I can't go up over 10m away from the ground but my friend told me if I didn't ride it, I would regret it.
So I was like "Better get my money's worth!"

While the Flying dinosaur was going up to the top, I was petrified and couldn't say anything.
Meanwhile, it got to the top, ready to fall down.
I don't remember what happened next.
I barely could open my eyes and think what if somebody riding in front of me puked.

Once we reached the end, I was so relieved but I felt so good and refreshed more than I ever felt before.
The flying dinosaur was great!

I overcame a fear... I think.

We also went to the harry potter's attractions.

We had a wonderful time at USJ!!

* We have a sister branch in Osaka close to USJ! Please check it out too :)


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