Yukata for Gion Matsuri Festival 2016

This is Yoshi from Kyoto Hana Hostel.

We have Gion Matsuri Festival (the festival of Yasaka Shrine) this month!!
I hear that it lasts for a month in Kyoto City. ( The highlight of the festival: July 14th to 16th to see Yama & Hoko, like the following picture, before the grand parade on the 17th)

There are many events relating to the festival especially from July 10th!

We have customs to wear yukata for festivals in summer.
So, for the Gion Matsuri Festival, I visited some department in Shijo Area, where there were a variety of yukatas for ladies, men, and kids!

Recently, modern patterns of texitiles for yukata imaging the Taisho Era has become gradually more popular. On the other hand, traditional yukata such as "shibori" is still attractive to the Japanese.
There are mainly two kinds of texture to make yukata.

One is made of cotton, and another is of polyester (others may be made of hemp cloth).
The polyester-made yukata does not wrinkle easily, but makes you feel hotter than cotton-made and vice versa.

This time, I got two cotton-made yukatas for myself and my husband as I tend to sweat especially in summer....

 If you do not want to buy yukata, of course, there are many yukata rental shops in Kyoto City :)
Please feel free to tell us if you come to Kyoto Hana Hostel and have any question about yukata :)


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