Arts of Ghibli

This is a great news for someone a bug fun of Ghibli !!

Ghibli’s “three-dimensional constructions” exhibition is held from July 15 to September 25 in the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art. (Aichi prefecture)

You can explore materials and documents (such as background pictures and artistic settings) relating to the buildings that appear in Ghibli’s movies. A place of great interest for all age groups.

In this exhibition, there are about 450 original drawings (such as artistic settings and background pictures) of materials from movie productions, featuring the “fantasy buildings” seen in Studio Ghibli movies. There are also several 3D models of these buildings. Enjoy this exhibition space which mixes two-dimensional works with three-dimensional ones.

Term: July 15 – September 25
Location: Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (8-5-1, Kosakamoto-cho, Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, 471-0034 TEL: +81-565-34-6610)

If you are keen, check it out :-)


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