Fishing in Sennan:)

Hi, there.

How is it going?

I am in the mood!
Because I finally went fishing♪

I have a crush on fishing,my friends too!
So I drove my pretty car to Sennan.

Actually my friends were worried about whether or not we could catch fish because it has been a whike since we went fish.

So before we went out ,my friend saying perhaps, we will not be able to catch any fish, will we?

I said to emphasize my words, No way!we can do that!

Also even if we can not catch any fish, it does not matter I'm happy just in being able to looking out over the sea:) You know, we from Nara(Island prefecture)

They said Oh poor country folks...

But,we caught a lot of horse mackerel and couple of mackerel :)



And we made Nanbantsuke and Fried Fish in horse mackerel :)

It was delicious!We enjoyed it:)


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