August means "Koshien" the National Baseball Highschool Tournament in Japan.

Hi everyone !

Did you enjoy your summer ?

For me August means "Koshien" the National Baseball Highschool Tournament in Japan.

Last year while I was living in Osaka I went to cheer the baseball player four times, that why everyone calls me a "Highschool Baseball Freak" ! Even my superiors asked me if I would be alright in Takayama because the baseball is not real famous here. Well I am fine with my TV !

This year was really interesting with some good surprises !
The loss of both Tokyo teams in the first round.
The defeat of Nara Highschool which won the Tournament in Spring.
The last inning come-back from Toho Highschool.
And the most surprising for me, the team I cheered for went to the finale !
Last year any team I was cheering for lost... once, twice, third time, fourth time... I though I was a black cat and some customers at Hana Sake Bar asked me to cheer the opposite team !

But this year I started cheering for Hokkai, the team from Hokkaido since I watched all their matches and like their play. Some of my coworkers called me a "Onishi fan", Onishi is the pitcher of Hokkai and I do like his pitching style. But I was fan of the battery more than the pitcher, and the shortstop/second combi too...

So this year was fun too, but nothing beat to be in the stadium and be moved by the brass band and cheer of the school !


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