Maze Firework Display

Located near the famous hotspring town Gero, Maze is a small picturesque town nestled amongst the mountains. Ever year, on the last Saturday in August, a spectacular firework display will be held there. I have heard a lot of rave reviews about it, and this year, I finally got to chance to see it with my own eyes, and it is no exaggeration that I was completely blown away. I was born in Hong Kong, and I am no stranger to firework displays, but never have I been able to see that up so close and with hardly any light pollution, unlike in Hong Kong. I was immediately mesmerized when the first firework exploded in the sky after the count down. It was worth the long wait! We arrived at Maze to secure a good spot at five, and the firework display started at eight. There is talk that this might be the last year this event is held due to budget issues, but I do hope not. I would definitely like to go back and see this spectacular firework display again in the future!


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