My first time KOUSHIEN!!!

Few days ago I went to KOUSHIEN to watch high school baseball game.

It was my first time to be in KOUSHIEN, but I have read so many comic books about high school baseball boys since I am a little child, so I really have dreamed to be in KOUSHIEN one day for a long time!
I arrived KOUSHIEN at around 11a.m., though it was damn hot, to avoid to get dark, I wear a jacket with long sleeves and long was hot as hell!! But I got so excited! I watched 2 games, Saitama v.s. Tochigi and Chiba v.s. Hiroshima, though they are not my favorite(all teams I like are already lost...), I enjoyed the games so much, it is a surprise that I can see so clearly from the outfield bleachers much better than what I imagined.


Many people surrounding me were eating curry rice, I was confused about that until I read the guide paper, it says the original curry rice is a must-to-try menu of KOUSHIEN, so I had one too.......It was so so so so so so-so! Why everybody eating that! I felt be lied...!


It is so great to have a one-day trip to KOSHIEN, I will definitely go again!


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