My Favorite Cafe in Kyoto Sanjo Street

Hi there ! It's Madi from Kyoto Hana Hostel.

Recently I went to Sanjo area with my friend to discover.

For me, Sanjo area is like Melbourne in Australia.

There are many fancy cafes, restaurants and shops in this area.
So I have been looking for the opportunity to discover this area and finally I made it ! 
And I found another my favorite cafe out there ! Hooray :)

I think I am a fancy person about food and beverage and I always trust my first impression when I go to new restaurants and cafes.
If I am satisfied , I keep going whenever I have time and possibly become a regular customer.
If not, I won't ever go back again.

And this time, I went a cafe which I never have been yet and gave me a good impression !
Everything was good and especially the atmosphere melted my heart ♡ 
I really regret that i have been missing this place for a long time :(

So right after few days, I took another friends there again and enjoyed a moment a lot :)
Now I am pretty sure that I keep visiting this cafe for a while !

If you have an opportunity to visit Sanjo area, you can try this cafe :)


cafe independants
11:30 AM - Midnihgt

See ya around :)


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