I miss sumer :(

Hi there! This is Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima :)

Summer is almost over and a typhoon is hitting in Japan..
I hope the typhoon will move off to us soon :(

By the way, did you enjoy in this summer ?
I headed to Tsunoshima in Yamaguchi prefecture at the end of summer with my bf.


When I arrived in island, I was excited and happy screamed too much XD
 It was so beautiful !!


I had Kaisen-don(assorted seafood rice bowl) for lunch.

It was soooo good. (yum yum)!!
After that we were swimming and floating in the sea. 

This is ocean view from our room in Hotel Nishi Nagato Resort.  
If you have any chance to go to Tsunoshima, I recommend to stay at least 1night.

I had really blissful time there!! 

On my way home, we went to motonosumi inari shrine. 
This shrine was listed on CNN’s pick for most beautiful places in Japan.


I thought through this trip ,there are many wonderful place nearby I still don't know.

I wonder where to go in Autumn:)


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