My summer trip in Tokyo *Art Museum at Omote Sando"

Times flies like a arrow. by Kimy from J-Stay 

Summer will be gone soon after typhoon. 

Last weekend I went to Tokyo to visit my ex coworker. Because she is pregnant.
So I gave a  small charm from Okazaki Shrine from Okazaki in Kyoto to have easy delivery. 
We had a nice lunch and cafe at Omote Sando. 
Omote Sando is fancy shopping area like Prada, Y's, Commes des Garcons and cafes. 
It felt like Im in maganize model or something. ;P

Actually my main purpose to visit Omote Sando was to go to Nezu Art Museum. 
This museum focuses on watching moon. 
One of popular architect in Japan Kengo Kuma designed this museum. The first approach hallway is like to way to another dimension world.
Bamboo is a weird plant because it not tree nether grass which has gaps and grow straight up to sky. Japanese architecture has many way made of bamboo especially tea room.  

Roof top but inside, it is the first to see this style!

Moon ship from Korea island 

Special exhibition was about Technique and Expression in traditional Japanese Painting.
I learned new technique in Japanese painting! I would like to show below.

*Inkline drawing  TARASHIKOMI  たらしこみ

*Exetrior shading SOTOGUMA 外ぐま

This drawing technique is creating the effect of variation in light and dark shading snow and light bright white 

*Inkline drawing HAKUBYO 白描
This technique was for Esoteric Buddhist drawing. 

*Rainbow coloring UNGEI SAISHIKI 雲霓彩色
creating the effect of variation in light and dark color not by blending or shading but by bands of colors next to each other standing with lighter tones and becoming progressively darker. 

This museums has 4 teas ceremony I want to have tea ceremony one day!

the founder watch moon from this canoe?

With my best friend ‘parfait  with fresh seasonal fruits

@Tubame Grill I really tasted so delicious hamburg so ever!

I had nice time in Tokyo.  See you next time!


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