Hikking debut in the Japanese Apls

Hello everyone !

It is starting to get colder those past days, but at least it is not raining like last month... Then, if it is not rainy I can hike ! For the past two months I get stuck with bad weather... Such an "ame onna", woman calling the rain, as the Japanese say.But then I got two days of good weather and flew to Kamikochi !

On the way to the volcano !

Yake-dake reflecting in Taisho Pond
First day I went to climb Yake-dake, a living volcano. I hiked from Naka-no-yu bus stop. I climbed 4h to reach the top. There you can feel the volcano breathing ! White smoke coming from the hearth of the mountain spread in the air. And it is quite... smelly ! The view from the top is quite amazing as you can see Azusa river bank on one side, Yari-dake on another and the southern Alps too ! I did not climbed to the top as I was not sure to last until Kamikochi. I needed 2h30 to reach the valley, and my legs were really shaking during the last part. But it was such a relief and joy to realize that I did climb this mount !

Kamikochi from Yake-ake summit
I spend one night in the valley. I booked a dorm near Kappa-bashi where they also served dinner and breakfast. The dorm is an annex to a main hostel and I could relax in the bath after my loooonnnnnngggg hike.

Hotaka Range view from Kappa-bashi area
The second day I kept walking down the river. I firstly headed to Taisho-ike and Tashiro-ike. Then I get back on my track and walked to Kappa-bashi then I continue on the east cost to reach Myojin-bashi. Myojin-ike is a pond situated inside a shir\\rine so you have to paid to enter it, but it was such a great view ! Even if this year the change of color of the leaves is not the most beautiful the pond was really impressing ! Then I went back to the dorm where I left my backpack.

Myojin-ike in Autumn colors

To be honest my legs are totally dead ! Just the though of stairs is hurting...
I my have been to greedy for my first hike in Kamikochi, but it was so refreshing ! Now when I recommend to the guest to go to Kamikochi or to hike Yake-dake I know what I am speaking about.


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