Tango Kimono Festival in Kyoto

I went to Tango Kimono Festival with mother wearing kimono.
My hometown is in Tango Province which is northern part of Kyoto Prefecture facing the sea.
Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots of Japan is the famous tourist spot in this province.

Tango Province prospered with textile industry.
The festival has been held every year since 17 years ago for regional revitalization.
People who wear kimono can get discount at some shops around the festival venue.

As a tradition in this province, my mother brought many kimonos as bride's household articles.
Luckily, I am about the same size as mother so I can wear her kimonos.:)
I used to belong to the tea ceremony club when I was in school and I have worn some different kimonos of hers.
I chose this light orange kimono this time and it has not even untacked!

It is great that kimono is taken over from generation to generation and we can keep it for a long time if we take care of it.

It was a very beautiful day and we had a nice view of Amanohashidate from the mountain.


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