This is Tomomi from Hiroshima HANA hostel!

Do you know  'MOMIJI MANJU'?

It's a maple-shaped Manju Cake and a popular souvenir from Hiroshima.
If you are in Hiroshima, you can find a lot of MOMIJI MANJU shops especially at Hiroshima station and on Miyajima island.
When I visit Miyajima, I always buy the ones with cheese taste:)

Since Oct 3rd, only in Hiroshima, you can buy also
KITKAT  with MOMIJI MANJU taste!!!

I'm note sure if it is tasty, but I will try it!!
And the maple mark on it.  Cute!

As you might know there are various flavors of KitKat in JAPAN.
Why don't you collect a lot of  them as  souvenirs and also try the one with MOMIJI MANJU taste during your time in Hiroshima?


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