Road Trip in Autumn Hokkaido

Hello! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
This month I took a trip to Hokkaido to see my friends who live there.
Since Hokkaido,which is located at the north end of Japan,is known as the biggest prefecture in Japan,we decided to do a road trip around Hokkaido this time.

It was late autumn and chilly in the middle of Hokkaido so we could see autumn colors near Mt.Tokachi-dake.Was AMAZING! 
Blue Pond (Aoi-ike)
Also,have you ever heard about  a blue pond? It is a famous pond in Hokkaido with beautiful blue color and its picture was chosen as the desktop wallpaper of  the personal computer of Apple Inc.Though I heard the color was lost due to great typhoon before my trip,when I got there, it was BLUE! I could not help taking pictures...!
Best SUSHI...!

 If you go there, don't miss local food of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is famous for seafood ,soup style curry and milk products.I really enjoyed them. Especially,SUSHI was absolutely fabulous!  I would like to go there again and stay longer. Also,I want to watch a baseball game in Sapporo next time~!

If you are interested in food I had in Hokkaido,please refer to the links below. ◎Sushi: Hanamaru Sushi 花まる寿司(English)
◎Soup style curry:SAMA Soup Curry (Japanese)
◎HUGE Paste-like sweet potato:Cranberry Obihiro(Japanese)
◎Ice cream with cookies:Rokka-tei六花亭(English)

Enjoy your trip!


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