Shopping at EAON MALL Hiroshima Fuchu SOLEIL!!

As my sister had her birthday on the 22nd (don't ask how old she became lol), she and I decided to go out for shopping together with our mom!

We picked a local shopping mall just 20 minutes away from our parents' for her very first shopping as 27 years-old. (I said it lol)
 EAON MALL Hiroshima Fuchu SOLEIL

The mall had just reopened after renovation on the 18th of November.

They say they newly opened 82 stores and a half of them are the very first stores in Chu-goku and Shikoku areas. We definitely gotta check 'em out!!

One of our favorite stores, Flying Tiger has finally arrived in Hiroshima! Yayyy!

Flying Tiger from Denmark
Evrything in the store made us feel happy.. :D

Bought some cute napkins for the birthday dishes :)

Another store I'd wanted to visit is... American Eagle!
American Eagle Outfitters

I personally like Aeropostale more but I guess there's only one or two stores in Japan.. so it's okay! I'm still happy to have AEO in such a small town like Fuchu.

They happened to be holding a super sale and everything in the store was 20% OFF on the day! I bought three pairs of jeans. But still cheap! Plus they are very comfortable to wear! I think I'll be a regular customer there :P

We got the mall in the early afternoon but kept shopping until around 8pm!
I was actually planning to buy her some birthday gifts but I ended up spending all my money on my own stuff. Well, we sure will go back there so I'll save the opportunity until then :P

There are way more new and exciting stores in EAON MALL Hiroshima Fuchu.
It's best to go shopping in such a rainy day like today!

↓Visit their website↓


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