I'm gluten free now!!!!!


The autumn leaves season's almost over and winter is now coming along soon.
I'm planning to do some new experiences for this winter.

First off, actually I have already started though, I have been on "Gluten-free diet" recently.
Gluten-free diet is a diet that exclude the protein gluten such as wheat, rye etc. so basically you cannot eat any grain.

Recently, the world champion tennis player Novak Jokovich has been on this diet and after he wrote his book about it, it became popular trend in these days.

Gluten-free diet has been used as a treatment for celiac disease and gluten intolerance for a long time. But some people, even though they are not celiac disease nor gluten intolerance, their body secretly is sensitive to glutens and without knowing, hidden symptoms may slow down their daily life performance.

I don't know it is truth or false but I might as well try to do it once anyway.

So in order to start this diet, I gave every food I had that contained grains such as bread and noodles to my housemates.

I also try to avoid buying these things at the supermarket, scratched off all of the recipes containing grains and try to eat natural foods just like fruit and vegetables more as much as i can.

Then it's been 2 weeks now. I don't know if it's had effect or not but I will keep trying to do this diet :)


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