Leaf Peeping in Kyoto. Eikando, Nanzenji Temple and Enkouji Temple | Autumn Leaves in Kyoto 2016

Hi there ! It's Madi from Kyoto Hana Hostel :)

In Kyoto, the leaves are turning yellow or red day by day and some of them reached its peak.
So as I got 2 days off in a row, I went to some places for leaf peeping !


This is Eikando which is one the most famous spot for Japanese maples :)
There are many different colors everywhere, different kind of Japanese maple trees everywhere so I cant' get enough of seeing ! Especially sunset time, the scenery is stunning !

 This is Nanzenji Temple which near Eikando, not as great as Eikando but in the wide area, there are many different colored leaves and its please your eyes. 


This is Enkouji temple in Ichijoji area ; north-west in Kyoto city. I assumed that the peak was slightly over but the garden view was just brilliant !
Also the contrast between Japanese maples and bamboos are very beautiful.

Kiyomizu temple; most famous spot in Kyoto through the year.
Better go there early morning, before 9 am is good if you would like to take nice pictures !
It was pity cause it was raining... if the weather was good, the scenery must be good !

The last one is Entokuin that is a part of Kodaiji temple in Gion area. It did not reach to the peak yet but I could have peaceful and serene time here :)

So this is how I spent my 2 days off. Cause I went many places so at the end, I was tired but at the same time, I again realized Kyoto is very attractive place, never get enough !


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