Short trip to Tokyo

Hello everyone !

Some days ago I went to Tokyo !
From Takayama it is a 5h30 bus trip to reach the capital.
There I stayed in a great place that my friend recommended me : NUI.

I was really lucky on my trip as I a witness of the 1st November snow in Tokyo since a long time ! If for the people living in Tokyo it was suddenly cold I just did not realize the change of temperature as it is already really cold in Takayama.

So I went to the museum to learn more about Japanese history :

The second day I went to Yanaka-cho with my French friend Ines. Yanaka-cho is a really old district in Tokyo which survived both earthquake and war. Even in Tokyo you can find these kind of place feeling the history. Then we walked to the Sky Tree to take a train to Omotesando and join her company party. There a big surprise awaited me : Ellie ! We met at Osaka Hana Hostel about 2 years ago ! Such a surprise.

For my last day I spent sometime studying then went to the Tokyo-Edo Museum. I got the chance to see acrobatic art performance and beautiful miniatures. The museum is well down and I did not have enough time to enjoy it fully...  

If you go to Tokyo I definitely recommend you these places to stay and enjoy Tokyo !


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