DO you know "IQOS"?? Heat-not-burn Tobacco

Hello this is Kana from Hiroshima Hana Hostel which is near Hiroshima Station.

It's getting colder day by day, hard to get out from the bed every morning.
Somebody please give me  some tips that  how to get up without thinking excuse not to get up.

DO you know "IQOS"?? It is called as "real tobacco e-smokes".

The iQOS is a tobacco stick that is heated just enough to produce an aerosol but not combust. A pack of 20 HeatSticks sells for 460 yen, the same as regular Marlboro cigarettes.

Obviously IQOS is much much much less harmless than regular cigarettes.
For people who are getting interested in it, who started considering your own health, why don't you try that??

IQOS priced at 9,980 yen, appears similar to other e-cigarettes in that it is pen-shaped and battery-powered, and is heated to release tobacco vapor. 

IQOS is sold only 6 prefecture in Japan.

Umeda, Shinsaibashi (Osaka),  Sendai, Hiroshima, Harajuku(Tokyo), Nagoya, Fukuoka

How I got it;

Shop is opened at 10am so be there at 9:30am! There was already looooong cue. 

Got numbered ticket (Limited stock everyday)
Took 3 hours to get it!!! Because each consumer needed to have explanation by sales staff which is about 10minutes. There were 4 of staff, so you can guess how many people were there before me.

There is a one of brunch in Hiroshima!
If you are interested in , just give it try! It must be great experience for the smoker!

Oh, at Hiroshima Hana Hostel Smoking is not permitted inside any of the units or the rooms. However, smoking is permitted outside :)


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