I've became conscious of motor bike!!!

Hello. I am MAYU from J-Hoppers Hiroshima!!

I've just became conscious of motor bike now a days.....!!

Do you know enduro?

It's a motor bike race which is on the forest road and unpaved  road.

「エンデューロ バイク 」の画像検索結果

It's so cool!!!!  I 

Motor bike has a lot of capacity of traveling on many kind of

road. You can go anywhere with that  even if there is no road.

That's enormously exciting fo me!!!!

「エンデューロ 林道」の画像検索結果

I'm planning to go for a touring in South of America next year.

So I need more comrade, technique and knowledge

about a motor bike. Of course Spanish language too(´▽`)

I have many thing to do in a year.

「エンデューロ 林道  旅」の画像検索結果 

practice... practice... practice...

I am going to get a second motor bike in this month.

I can't wait riding !!

「YAMAHA セロー 225」の画像検索結果


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