Hi everyone, it is Nana in Takayama.

Last week I went to Gifu to take an examination : the JLPT !
As known as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. 

This test is done to evaluate your Japanese level, but it does not include conversation skill ! As I can somehow speak freely in my daily life, my reading and writing have a lot to improve... so did I apply for the N3, the intermediate level. The JLPT as 5 levels, the N5 is the easiest one and the N1 the strongest one (even Japanese people seems to fail this test without preparation...)  The test is divide in three part : vocabulary, grammar and reading, listening. The whole test last about 4hours.

It has been a long time since I did not take such a test, and the room was full of people younger than I. But I was not the oldest either, and even a Japanese girl took the exam. Some of the person took the exam for the first time other for the third... A lot of Vietnamese was there, and... a french woman living in Takayama too ! Such a coincidence and we took the same one too ! We stayed together until boarding our bus back to the mountains' foot.

Now I have to wait until end of January to get the result. However my next goal is the N2 as this level start to be useful in Japan to get other qualifications, as guide etc. Let's start studying again to July examination !


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