What is Katsuo-no-Tataki??

Hi ! This is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
 Last week,I had a short trip to Kochi prefecture, located on the south coast of Shikoku to eat this cuisine. It is called Katsuo-no-Tataki ( カツオのたたき). "Katsuo"stands for skipjack Tuna (bonito) and "Katsuo-no-Tataki" means Seared skipjack Tuna in English.

Usually,we dip it in soy sauce or ponzu vinegar and eat it.
However, in Kochi they taste it with salt, wasabi and some sliced garlic since fish  is super fresh there! I had not known the fact until last month.
A month ago,one of my friend showed me a picture of its cuisine, told me that.
Then I could not help eating it and went there to try it .

My Friend who lives in Kochi booked an Izakaya restaurant for me. I tried it with Bijobu (美丈夫),Japanese Sake from Kochi.

Was....Just Amazing!!!
This is the one that you must try when you get there.
(Though you will get a strong bad breath from garlic....)
Since I liked Seared Tuna of Kochi SO much,I also bought its  postcard .
△POSTCARD of  "Katsuo-no-Tataki"
We enjoyed not only Seared Tuna also visiting some spots,meeting dolphins and turtles there! I definitely want to go to Kochi again.

                                                 \ Happy Holidays ! /



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