Road Trip to Kinosaki! Onsen and Crabs are the Best Match!

Road trip is always fun - driving a car, seeing beautiful scenery, stopping by interesting spot, chatting or singing with friends. Me and my friends decided to leave Kyoto for a weekend to take onsen (hot spring) and relax.

Kinosaki is located in a north part of Hyogo, famous for its Onsen and amazing (and expensive) crabs in winter. We decided not to take toll way as it seemed close, and got to Kinosaki after 3 hours of fun driving!

Seafood lunch was simply amazing with local fish and seasonal stuff, we all became really full and started strolling around the area.

And we got onsen pass that allowed us to take 7 different onsens in the area, of course we didn't take them all but tried two of them and they were great with different atmosphere and layout, outdoor bath and saunas.

We stayed in a Ryokan (Japanese style Inn) in Takeno which was 20 mins away from central Kinosaki town by car, and that was probably the most exciting part of the trip for me in a way. Driving through pitched-black mountain was so thrilling and fun, and we got to see a big wild-boar which reminded me of Princess Mononoke! And we were all so pumped when we got to the Ryokan which was right in front of Takeno beach. Ryokan was small but nicely decorated and staff were friendly. We played some card games, talked a lot, and decided to go to bed kinda early to see the sunset.


The morning was crisp but air was so clear.

Beautiful morning glow and hot coffee on the beach, what else could we ask for...

Took a morning walk and had a breakfast at a tiny local cafe. That's what we wanted.
Kyoto is an absolutely amazing place all year around, but we sometimes need to get a fresh air in the nature, charge our energy, to be away from tourists and busy lifestyle especially at the end of the year.
I'm glad we made it and found another great spot of Kansai region!

Happy holiday!


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