Everybody is making a snowman

A happy new year, everyone.

It's been snowy for a few days in Kyoto.

It looks so good only if you hole up a room with a coffee and see the view of snow from the window but if you have to go out for work etc, that is terrible.

I wish I had skis, so I could commute with them.
I'm just wondering if skiing on sidewalk is legal in Japan or not. I'm not gonna google it so if someone knows, tell me about that.

I was also surprised that the all of the public transportation system in Kyoto worked normal despite of the huge snow storm.

I'm from Takayama where usually has tons of snow in winter so I'm used to this much of snow. So I'm totally fine walking on snow-covered-icy road. But, from my perspective, I thought people in the city were not so good at walking on the snow but I was amazed because I saw a few people riding a bikes in this morning so it was such a brain-washing for me.

Anyway, I hope we get more snow until my friend can finish up his 2 meters of snow man.


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