Last Party in 2016

Hello there. It's Chippy from J Hoppers Hiroshima.

It's been almost two weeks since the new year 2017 began. How's it going so far?

Looking back, in 2016, It feels I couldn't realize any goals I set at the beginning of the year. A lot happened and I didn't have enough time to spare for myself :(
SO! I. DECLARE. TO. START. THE. GUITAR in 2017!!  It's been one of the new year objectives for the last few years, but never come true... I will realize this goal this year!!

My new year started out just like that without happening anything big..
However, we held some big party at J Hoppers Hiroshima on new year's eve!

When you think of winter, what do you think of?


We threw a "NABE"(hot pot) party as the last party in 2016.

Around 9pm, staff started to prepare for the party cutting ingredients, placing plates on the table.. People were gradually getting together in the lounge.
Cooked two kinds of NABE; Soy Milk  & Soy Sauce

At 10pm, let's get the party started!! Everybody DIG IN!! XD

Enjoying the Japanese traditional dish.

At 11:55, New year's just around the corner!!
Everyone watching TV waiting for the moment to come!
five minutes to 2017
It was really nice to have everyone around and celebrate the same moment together. I wish everyone a Happy New Year with the hope that they will have many blessings in the year!

I'm also really excited to meet new people and get to learn more things from them through my job as a staff in J Hoppers. Looking forward to meeting many people here in Hiroshima :)


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